Lochinver & Achmelvich Bay

To reach Lochinver you can travel either the A835 (via Ullapool) or the A837.  Although both of these journeys show on a SatNav as being just short of two hours drive either way, the A837 route is about 75% single track road with passing places.  The SatNav recognises this road as having a 60 mile an hour limit, but you rarely travel over 40 miles along the road as you need to slow down to allow for oncoming traffic to pass you.  Depending on how busy the road is this could add a lot of time to your journey...but if time is not an option and you want to experience a different inland view of the Scottish Highlands with some spectacular views, it could be worth your while going this way....you could also go a little off track and see the Falls of Shin (signposted at the crossing of A837 and B864).

Before you get to Lochinver you will see the ruins of Calda House and Ardvreck Castle in a lovely bay area of Loch Assynt.

Lochinver is a quaint coastal village with lovely water views and great places to eat.  Highland Stoneware is worth a visit.

If you travel further north about a 15 minute journey will take you to the enchanting Achmelvich Bay.

When travelling back keep an eye out for Highland deer.....