Gairloch is on the West Coast and is just short of one and half hours drive from Dingwall on A832.  Your time to get there depends on stops you make to take pictures of the incredible scenery along the way!  Along this road, before you get to Gairloch, you will turn a corner and are met with an incredible valley/mountain scene that will take your breath away.  You might even recognise the image as it is used to promote Scotland.  Fortunately, Scotland has very thoughtfully put a parking area so you can stop and fully appreciate the view.

In Gairloch there is free parking by the Harbour.  A perfect place for a lunch (good value and excellent quality) is Coast Coffee Company, which has a lovely friendly atmosphere and can be found in a building overlooking the harbour. 

To return to Dingwall, you can continue North on the A832 and join the A835 - it takes nearly the same amount of time to return this way and you get to see some great coastal scenes along the way.