Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen is about half and hour drive from Dingwall using SatNav IV10 8SJ.  When you get there walk along the path next to the river (there is no bridge at this point, so don't be tempted to try and cross the river).  Strangely, the path seems to come to an end at what looks like someone's private driveway.....but continue walking as the path reappears not far up the driveway.  The bridge is a little further along the path. 


It is a stunning and enchanting walk (wear good walking shoes as some of the paths are a little hard to walk on) with an abundance of wild plants, trees and bird life.  There are two lovely waterfalls and there used to be a well-dressing ceremony done by the children of Rosemarkie village, where the pool was decorated with flowers to ensure the fairies kept the water supply clean.    


Dipper by Fairy Glen Waterfall