Clootie Well

The Clootie Well of Munlochy is a fifteen minute drive from Dingwall on the A832 (towards Tore).  After turning off the Tore roundabout, about 2 1/2 miles down the A832 you will see a green forestry sign "Clootie Well" and this leads to a carpark.

Clootie wells are a healing place for Celtic groups.  Clootie or cloot meaning strip of cloth or rag are used in a healing ritual.  The cloth belonging to someone who is ill is placed in the well water and then tied to a tree surrounding the well, some use the cloth to wash the area of their body that they are unwell, believing that as the rag disintegrates on the tree, the illness will disappear from their body.  It is also belief that if anyone removes a clootie from the tree, they will succumb to the illness of the original owner.